The Schools

Realschule Steinhagen

The school was founded 1966 and is situated in the city of Steinhagen (ca. 20.000 ha.), in the district of Guetersloh and close to the city Bielefeld (10 km). The pupils live in the city of Steinhagen and the rural area of the vicinity of north-western Bielefeld. Only a few live in the city of Bielefeld.  For two years we have had an international class with refugees from a lot of different countries. Those pupils are getting more and more integrated into the regular classes to promote a better inclusion to their everyday lives.

Escola Pàlcam

Palcam is a state-funded school in Barcelona with over 60 years of existance. Our 1,500 students range from 3 years old to over 18 who study from pre-school up to vocational

training. There are about 100 teachers who work at the school and we are keen to promote foreign language learning, use of new technologies and the proper development of our students’ values.

We are a school that comprises students from 3 to above 20 years old, and we are deeply committed with providing our students with a professional career training, in fact, more than 200 students leave our vocational training every year in order to work at a job related to their training. Our professional  team is always  trying to increase the employability and entrepreneurial skills of our students as we have been doing with our vocational training students during all these years.  Our school and the staff involved also have experience in values development, since we have always considered a key element for the

social success of our students.

RSG Tromp Meesters

RSG Tromp Meesters is a public school in Steenwijk, The Netherlands. Our 1,500 students range from 12 years old to over 18.

RSG has different kinds of learning-levels, from the lowest level to the highest level.  There are about 150 teachers and 30 other staffmembers  working at our school.  RSG is keen to promote foreign language learning, use of new technologies and the proper development of our students’ values. At our school students can work on their talents in several talent programs, like sports and music, but also fashion design and orientation in science.

We started working with international projects since 2005. Since then, we have been in several Comenius partnerships with schools from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Sweden and Germany. From 2013 to 2015 we have been in a Comenius partnership with German and Swedish schools again together with a Spanish school from Alcarras in Spain.  After that cooperation we worked together with those schools and a new school from Spain (the one in this project) in self-funded exchanges and projects until today.