Our project

The project “Europe- United Diversity – How cosmopolitan entrepreneurship can increase social awareness”  is a cooperation of three secondary schools from Germany, The Netherlands and Spain funded within the European Union Erasmus+ programme 2017-2019, with project number 2017-1-DE03-KA219-035696_3. The participants are students aged 14-16 from those schools.

The main objectives of the project include:

– Preservation of the European spirit

– Raising the awareness of respect

– Recognition of cultural diversity

– Tolerance towards origin, gender, disability, religion

– Avoidance of discrimination

– Acquisition of knowledge of entrepreneurship

To achieve our objectives the participants need to be more socially inclusive, cater for all the members of the society and be able to produce an economic boost through the training, the development of skills of our future citizens and their professional development through the promotion of their entrepreneurial skills. For all those reasons, we decided to build a project that would promote the social awareness of our students, and would enhance and boost their professional and entrepreneurial skills through the development of critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

The students will do research on different sorts of discrimination and look for information on the laws that aim at reducing discrimination. They will also analyse the work of NGOs.  As a final product and as a result of a needs analysis, the students will simulate the creation of an NGO that will aim at solving one of the social issues across the three countries of their choice.

The students will learn how a company works, and more specifically how an NGO works. We want them to be able to develop a business plan for their NGO that will involve funding search.  As a part of the business plan, they will also have to design an advertising campaign for the charity organization in order to be known by the potential affiliates.

The most relevant and interesting aspect will be to raise awareness around the specific issue aimed at by the NGO. The students will disseminate their work and look for support and try to start a change in their own environments.

To reach all that the students will also have to develop their skills in the use of technology and the digital media. They will have to change their perspective on the use of the Internet and get to learn the possibilities of them in terms of finding information and disseminating their work and organizing socially. Through the use of Facebook, YouTube, Change.org among others, they will implement their advertising campaigns and raise social awareness at the same time.

All our products and results will be shared by using social media platforms like Change.org, Facebook, Youtube or even Twitter that will be used also to measure the impact of our project on our respective communities.