In this video, you’ll be able to see all the different stages our project has gone through and all the sensitive contents on discrimination the students have been dealing with. Get some popcorn and enjoy!Read More →

As a result of our exchange in Barcelona, we got in groups and prepared a series of videos and presentations for our NGOs. Have a look and enjoy! NGO name: Its Our NGO helps homeless people to find a job and integrate them on society, helps people to get a house because without it they will not be accepted for a job, giving them decent clothing and giving them a bath and get them motivated. NGO name: My House is your House In our NGO, we help people to get integrated in the society, so they can feel accepted and can participate in it. weRead More →

We’ve been working on the development of some ideas about social issues that could end up in the development of NGOs that would give support to people in need.  We were free to discuss and negotiate within small groups, which social problems we would like to focus on. Later, we presented those ideas to the whole group. Here you can find some of the powerpoint presentations we used. Celladict NGO ERASMUS wap HHP  Read More →

As part of our project, we’ve been doing some research on different NGOs that we can find across the three different countries. We’ve prepared some posters and then shared all the info we could find on them. Have a look at the posters below.  Read More →

Today we’ve visited Projecte Home, an NGO that helps people with addictions in Barcelona. They have told us what it means to be part of an NGO and they have explained how they work with the people they help. We’ve learnt also about an NGO internal structure and the different roles that we can play in it. It’s been an interesting conference and we’ll definitely be using this knowledge for the ongoing project.Read More →

After our work on discrimination in job interviews, we worked on four possible job interviews in which discriminating questions were asked. The interviewers were mean to the interviewees and they had to come up with answers that would work, never losing their own rights and trying to avoid conflict. And there you go the results of that experiment!    Read More →

During this week in Steinhagen, we’ve been working on discrimination related to the process of finding a job. One of the moments in which discrimination takes place is the job interview, as applicants have to answer to questions that blow out their rights as a worker. We’ve been working on those forbidden questions and we’ve made some posters to show and share them and become aware of our own rights as workers and as applicants.Read More →

We’ve been working with Helden-e.V and we’ve learnt about how our perception of the world changes the way we relate to each other. We’ve participated in an intensive workshop, in which we’ve been through lots of emotions that have led us to understand that improving the world is in our hands. By changing our attitudes towards those who are different through the use of empathy and cooperation, we are going to make a better world for the ones to come.Read More →

And as a conclusion to our week, we recorded short films on the topic of discrimination. We had to design, plan and record the videos and here you can see the final results. We hope you enjoy them! Read More →

As a part of our work in each of the countries, we had to design a logo for our project. That logo had to show quickly and easily the objectives of our project. Besides, it also had to include some references to the source of it, as it is a European project funded by the Erasmus+ programme. Among the great ideas proposed by each of the schools, we finally decided to use this one. It summarizes clearly and easily the main objective of the project, fighting against discrimination, as it is surrounded by the European flag 12 stars, as a sign of its European nature.Read More →