We’ve been working on the development of some ideas about social issues that could end up in the development of NGOs that would give support to people in need.  We were free to discuss and negotiate within small groups, which social problems we would like to focus on. Later, we presented those ideas to the whole group. Here you can find some of the powerpoint presentations we used. Celladict NGO ERASMUS wap HHP  Read More →

As part of our project, we’ve been doing some research on different NGOs that we can find across the three different countries. We’ve prepared some posters and then shared all the info we could find on them. Have a look at the posters below.  Read More →

Today we’ve visited Projecte Home, an NGO that helps people with addictions in Barcelona. They have told us what it means to be part of an NGO and they have explained how they work with the people they help. We’ve learnt also about an NGO internal structure and the different roles that we can play in it. It’s been an interesting conference and we’ll definitely be using this knowledge for the ongoing project.Read More →