After our work on discrimination in job interviews, we worked on four possible job interviews in which discriminating questions were asked. The interviewers were mean to the interviewees and they had to come up with answers that would work, never losing their own rights and trying to avoid conflict. And there you go the results of that experiment!    Read More →

During this week in Steinhagen, we’ve been working on discrimination related to the process of finding a job. One of the moments in which discrimination takes place is the job interview, as applicants have to answer to questions that blow out their rights as a worker. We’ve been working on those forbidden questions and we’ve made some posters to show and share them and become aware of our own rights as workers and as applicants.Read More →

We’ve been working with Helden-e.V and we’ve learnt about how our perception of the world changes the way we relate to each other. We’ve participated in an intensive workshop, in which we’ve been through lots of emotions that have led us to understand that improving the world is in our hands. By changing our attitudes towards those who are different through the use of empathy and cooperation, we are going to make a better world for the ones to come.Read More →