On our second day, we continued working on the project. This morning we discussed in groups the outcome of the surveys carried out in our schools. We talked about the reasons why people discriminate, the situations where it takes place, if we’ve ever been victims of discrimination and how we’ll we act if we see discrimination. The conclusions were that in general we live in a discriminating society, that most people would intervene to stop a situation, that girls are more discriminated than boys and that people tend to discriminate due to religion and skin colour. Finally, the diagrams showed that half of the peopleRead More →

On our first day, we’ve got to know each other even better. We’ve been doing some sport and then we have started discussing the issue of stereotypes. We’ve formed groups to come up with some posters that could represent all those stereotypes people from other countries may have about us. We’ve had  an interesting discussion about how stereotypes are a common practice and how they may not represent who we really are. We’ve agreed that a good way to avoid discrimination from the start is to try to keep some distance from all those preconceived ideas about the Other.Read More →